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Breathing with your brain

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, which launches today, is an interactive science festival. Breathe Oxford are exhibiting and collaborator Kyle Pattinson tells us more about it…

Breathing is fundamental to life and we all know what it feels like to be out of breath. For most of us, breathlessness passes, but for many people, feeling breathless is a defining part of their lives.

Breathe Oxford is a group of neuroscientists, psychologists and clinicians studying the neuroscience of breathlessness. Our work shows that breathing is about more than just the lungs. In fact, the brain has a powerful influence on our experiences. This explains why some people still feel out of breath, even when they have been provided with medical care.

Breathe Oxford explore how the brain controls our feelings of being out of breath using cutting-edge brain imaging technology. Understanding this control system could lead to revolutionary, personalised treatments for breathlessness.

Want to find out more?

From 01-07 July 2019, Breathe Oxford was at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London. It was a free festival celebrating the cutting edge of UK science. Breathe Oxford’s exhibit will bring the topic of ‘Breathing with your Brain’ to life! Come, get involved and be inspired by science. You can face the Steppatron, meet the research team, and discover more about the how the brain controls our feelings of being out of breath.

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