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Breath in Visual Art

Sing by Jayne Wilton
Breath in Visual Art | Life of Breath Podcast Episode 9 | Duration: 24:07

Art changes human experience as it reorders our perceptions and engages our emotions’ (Starr, 2013)

Artist Jayne Wilton has spent the last 10 years exploring ways of capturing and visualising the breath. She is not the first artist to be fascinated with the breath and in Visualising the Ephemeral, her lecture for the Arts of Breath series on 29 November 2017, she delves into history, charting her take on the story of ‘Breath in Visual Art’, from cave paintings to the present day.  

In this podcast Jayne talks about how she became interested in depicting the breath and some of her methods. She also discusses how she approached the challenge of preparing the talk and some of her personal highlights.

During the podcast Jayne mentions the following artworks;

The book Jayne refers to is Feeling Beauty: The Neuroscience of Aesthetic Experience by G. Gabrielle Starr (2013)

The featured image is ‘Sing’ by Jayne Wilton. You can find out more about Jayne’s own work on her website 

This podcast was presented and produced by Sarah McLusky.