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Life of breath podcast episode 7
Under the Surface | Life of Breath Podcast Episode 7 | Duration: 12:58

Under the Surface is a choral piece composed by Toby Young which was specially commissioned for, and premiered at, the Feel It Festival in November 2016. Inspired by the research of the Life of Breath team, particularly the work of Havi Carel and Alice Malpass, it explores the experience and isolation of people affected by breathlessness.

In this podcast, Toby talks about the story behind the piece and his creative process. It also features excerpts performed by the Bristol University Singers and the Brabant Ensemble conducted by Stephen Rice.

After listening you can read Toby’s blog post about Under the Surface, which includes the lyrics/poems written by Jen Thorpe, and his other contributions to the work of the project.

This podcast was presented and produced by Sarah McLusky.

Listen to Under the Surface in full performed by the Bristol University Singers and the Brabant Ensemble, conducted by Stephen Rice.