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To Breathe Ourselves into Some Other Lungs

Group singing
Life of Breath Podcast Edpisode 6
To Breathe Ourselves Into Some Other Lungs| Life of Breath Podcast Episode 6 | Duration: 21:27

A cappella singing, a lone rower in the Pacific Ocean, fungal spores, clairvoyance and a baby’s cries…what could possibly tie these things together? The surprising answer is breath and poetry. ‘To Breathe Ourselves Into Some Other Lungs’ was an evening of poetry and song organised by Breathe Oxford on 18 July 2017 to provoke deeper thought and discussion around the lived experience of breathing.

In this podcast you’ll hear snippets of the evening’s performances from Kate Binnie, a writer and music therapist, travel writer Elsa Hammond, poet Gregory Leadbetter and scientist turned poet Sarah Watkinson. The contributors also speak about what breath means to them. Finally you’ll hear from organiser Kyle Pattinson about the research behind the event.

Use the player below to listen to Kate Binnie’s First and Last Breath soundscape. She has also written a number of posts for our blog.      

First to Last Breath (soundscape) by Kate Binnie

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This podcast was presented and produced by Sarah McLusky.

Photos courtesy of Breathe Oxford.