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RCP exhibition highlights

by Jade Westerman, Exhibition Project Officer

Catch Your Breath was on display at The Royal College of Physicians from 2 April to 21 September 2019. Watch the video below for highlights of RCP’s version of Catch Your Breath by RCP Exhibition Officer Matthew Wood and Life of Breath’s PI Professor Jane Macnaughton.

Here are some of the objects featured in the film

Concern by Jayne Wilton

Credit: The Royal College of Physicians, London

This sculpture, created by Jayne as part of her residency at Brunel University, visualises the movement of breath from the mouth as the word ‘concern’ is spoken. The audio recording the word being said was turned into a computer simulation visualising the gas exchange, with the shape of the movement of gas then rendered into ABS plastic by a 3D printer.

Illustrations of Singing for Breathing Group session (2018) by Paul Gent

Illustration of Singing for Breathing Group session (2018) by Paul Gent

This illustration is of Singing for Breathing groups at Royal Brompton and the Harefield Foundation Trust practising their singing. Singing has been used to promote feelings of control and well-being in individuals experiencing breathlessness. Singing for Breathing choirs are an example of how new approaches to managing breathlessness are being used to complement more clinical treatments, such as pulmonary rehabilitation.

Potter’s Asthma Cigarettes (1970s)

We have an effect on the air breathe, whether that’s through pollution or smoking. Potter’s Asthma Cigarettes were created in the 1970s. They were prescribed by doctors and could also be bought over the counter as a way to treat asthma.

Smokey Sue Smokes For Two (2018) by Health Edco

Credit: The Royal College of Physicians, London

Smokey Sue Smokes For Two is a doll designed to educate people on the dangers of smoking whilst pregnant.

Anti-pollution Respirator and Filters (2017) by Totoboto

Credit: The Royal College of Physicians, London

The mask was used by a cyclist who commuted through London. With it are three filters: one is clean and unused; the second and third demonstrate the effect of pollution on the roads after 3 months of use.

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