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In 2019 our researcher Krzysztof Bierski coordinated a participatory research programme called Movement Playground. The sessions, held at Mindful Therapies Centre in Newcastle, invited people living with breathlessness to explore enjoyable, contemplative, and relaxing ways of moving as an alternative to goal-oriented exercise.

As part of this programme Kate Binnie, therapist and Life of Breath researcher, delivered a mindful yoga session. The videos of the session are available below or as a YouTube playlist. The session can be done entirely seated and is suitable for anyone to follow along at home.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Arriving in Comfort
Part 3: Setting an intention
Part 4: Moving arms with the breath
Part 5: Arms, legs, breath together
Part 6: Lifting the spine
Part 7: Opening the hips
Part 8: Closing