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Letter to Your Breath

Life of Breath Podcast Episode 3
Letter to Your Breath | Life of Breath Podcast Episode 3 | Duration: 21:46

If you were invited to write a letter to your breath, what would you say? Bristol anthropologist Alice Malpass and letter-revivalist Elspeth Penny have been running workshops doing exactly that. Chatting to Sarah McLusky they explain what happens in the workshops and how it is helping them understand the complex relationship that both well and unwell people have with their breath.

Are you breathless in Bristol? Alice and Elspeth are still looking for groups to work with. Please do get in touch if you belong to a group that would like to take part.

If you want to know more you can also read ‘Letter to my lungs‘, a blog post Elspeth wrote for us, and watch her TEDx Talk ‘The lost art of letter writing‘. You can also listen to ‘Under the Surface‘, an original choral piece by Toby Young, partly inspired by some of the letters. 

Presented and produced by Sarah McLusky.