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Understanding Disease and Illness (6th International Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable)

The International Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable (IPMR) is an open group of philosophers, clinicians, epidemiologists, social scientists, statisticians, bioethicists, and anyone else with an interest in epistemological and ontological issues connected with medicine. The 2015 conference was hosted by the Life of Breath Bristol team and sponsored by the Wellcome Trust. Some of the talks are also available as audio recordings by clicking on the links below.

Life of Breath PhD student Tina Williams reports on the conference in two blog posts Breathless in Bristol 1 and Breathless in Bristol 2

Keynote speaker: Rachel Cooper (Lancaster)

Lecture Theatre 2, 11 Woodland Road, Faculty of Arts, University of Bristol, August 11th & 12th 2015

Scientific committee: Rachel Ankeny, Alexander Bird, Alex Broadbent, Havi Carel, Fred Gifford, Harold Kincaid, Miriam Solomon, Julian Reiss, Jeremy Simon, and David Teira.


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