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We are delighted to share these videos which we hope will help people with breathlessness get moving to improve their health and wellbeing. Presented by dance facilitator, respiratory public health specialist and programme creator Sian Williams, the video series demonstrates a full session with a warm up, standing and seated dances, and a cool down. These videos are ideal for dance teachers or health professionals who would like to start a dance class in their local community. They might also be useful for people who can’t get to a class, but would like to follow along at home. Also starring members of Breathe Easy Haringey.

Our research has found that a dancing like this improves strength and mobility, whilst being fun and social. One participant said “I feel like a kid in the playground again!” You can read the story of how Dance Easy developed, written from a participant’s perspective, in this article: ‘Dance group enriches lives of people living with breathlessness’, The Lancet Respiratory Medicine (August 2020)

The series includes 7 videos. Follow this link for the whole playlist or see individual videos below. You’ll also find a link to a Spotify playlist with all the featured songs. Keep dancing!

  1. Introduction: guidance from Sian on how and why to set up a class
  2. Warm Up
  3. Standing Dances (part 1)
  4. Standing Dances (part 2) 
  5. Standing Dances (part 3) – extra ideas
  6. Seated Dances
  7. Cool Down